Restore Recycle Bin files to different folders than their original location

The default behavior of Recycle Bin is to restore deleted files to their original location.

You can find the Restore command to the toolbar of Windows Explorer, to the context menu (if you right-click on deleted files), etc. This is fine, but may not be what you always need.

It is easy to overcome this limitation, a limitation however not of the Recycle bin abilities, but of the menu options! Normally Windows should have add an option to “Restore to a different folder”. Yet, you can indeed restore Recycle Bin files to any folder you like, if you

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select the files you want restored, and drag them to any folder you like.

It is that easy!

If you are not a friend of dragging and dropping, no problem. Just “cut” the files you want and “paste” them to any folder you like!

* Check also RecycleBinEx, to manage the Recycle Bin, iBin, if you’d like to add Recycle Bin to flash drives.

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