Organize team work with 2-plan Team web based management tool

2-plan is designed to be a free Microsoft Project alternative, a desktop scheduling software consisting of a basic framework along with free and commercial extensions. 2-plan Desktop lets you create a manageable project plan even if task-level details are vague. It combines the advantages of traditional and agile methods into a single planning tool.

Features: Create work packages, define dependencies, and allocate resources. Quickly make changes using drag-and-drop directly within the Gantt Chart. * In drag-and-motion you can copy common components among the projects in your work space. Create templates for quick setup of frequently used items to be added to new or existing projects;

Supports different project types * Planning with teams and roles * Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning * Extensible with plug-ins * Animated graphical wbs view * Animated project explorer * Graphical Indicators * Integrated Reports;

Synchronizing with 2-plan Team application * Development Environment * Offshore Development Service * Free Online Manual * Free Training Videos * Commercial Support available.