Create graphs fast, even with custom statistical functions, using XL-Plot free

The primary purpose of XL-Plot is to create a figure rapidly. It is ideal for use at high school, since the path from data (in one or more spreadsheet columns) to the final figure is just a few mouse clicks and easy to grasp. It contains basic statistical functions, such as Student’s t-test and linear correlation of two sets of data (two columns in a spreadsheet).

XL-Plot has a number of built-in functions that can be fitted to the data in a spreadsheet or to a curve in a graph. The user can easily add fitting functions of his own design. Additional options are Fourier transformation, (de-)convolution, eigen decomposition and matrix inversion. 

The program is built around two types of windows, each having its own menu: 1) Windows showing vector drawings (drawing sheets). 2) Windows showing columns of numerical data (spreadsheets).

By using copy and paste functions from the menu, data from either window may be copied to a spreadsheet or to a drawing sheet resulting in a column of numbers or a graph respectively. Bitmaps may be imported and manipulated on the drawing sheet. Graphics may be exported to other vector drawing programs. Data may be imported in (tab or comma delimited) ASCII format.