Support team work, make group announcements and share files, with Slack

Slack is a free platform that lets you support team messaging and sharing. If your group or needs to collaborate, exchanging files and messages, etc., Slack can help.

The program’s configuration is as easy as just writing down the domain of your team, then inviting your team’s members to register, connect and enjoy their communication with each other.

Note that you can use Slack from any device you may need to connect, such as Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, independently of OS.

Slack lets you also create private groups and channels, even exchange direct messages with specific members of your team. Files shared between members are all available on a list you can view and leave comments for anything. Note that Slack supports also the use of Google Drive or Dropbox, etc., which can be very useful especially if you need to share really large files.

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