Download Dark Disciples puzzle orientated CRP game

Dark Disciples is a single character, single player, fantasy based, computer role playing game.

The author writes: “If you are looking for a freeware game with copious statistics and an intricate, multifaceted, combat engine you won’t find it here. Instead, I focused my energies on having lots of non-combat challenges to solve and interesting things to do within the game world. Dark Disciples therefore attempts to differentiate itself by being a more puzzle orientated CRPG and therefore filling a precieved gap in the CRPG ‘market’.”

Features: Hold conversations with numerous characters; All quests are logged for future reference; A complete ‘world’ map providing names of important sites and places; A ‘Might & Magic VI’ style inventory management system; Fully featured thief skills – pick locks, remove traps, hide in shadows etc; Mostly non-linear gameplay; Multiple solutions to many obstacles – a locked door can be smashed open, picked, or opened via a key or ‘knock’ spell; An automap function maps all the levels for you; Some cool Midi tunes written by Bjorn Lynne; Monster AI – not amazing but it will do a few interesting tricks. For example, some monsters can open doors, others can’t.

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