Open and edit your notes from the Cloud wherever you are, with Simplenote

Especially in case that you use several computers, you may like to take notes and have them available in whatever place and device. Simplenote is a simple and modern Notepad that will let you save your notes on the Cloud.

The program supports markup code, but other than that its features are not that great. You can see it as a simple notepad with the additional and central feature of saving your documents on the Cloud. I wonder why wouldn’t one prefer to save one’s documents on the Cloud using native Windows abilities, such as OneDrive and MS Office or even just the Windows notepad?

Simplenote lets you share notes with others, but you do even this using OneDrive or other Clouds, even securely with encryption.

Since Simplenote is free you have nothing to lose to download and see if it works for you, otherwise it doesn’t seem to offer anything you may not already be able to enjoy using natively available applications and functions.

Download Simplenote