Resume your torrent permanently after a Deluge error

In case you are familiar with the Deluge Console scripting, here is a different solution that a visitor of TheFreeWindows suggests. I have not tried it, but if the one I suggest in the previous page won’t work for you, just go on and try the other.

A note by Bentham

I was facing the same annoying errors. However I’ve got it working with deluge-console:


while true;
x=`deluge-console "info Torrent-ID" |grep -i State | awk '{ print $2 }'`
if [ $x == "Error" ];
echo -n "Error!         ";date
echo -n "Resuming       ";date
deluge-console "resume Torrent-ID";
echo -n "Ok             ";date
sleep 10

You can get the Torrent-ID by issuing the following command:

deluge-console info

ID: Torrent-ID
State: Error
Size: 641.8 MiB/30.5 GiB Ratio: 8.833
Progress: 15.31% [#########~~~~~~~~~~~~~]

This solved my problem!

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