Manage, schedule, automate, pause and resume your downloads, with Mipony

If you download files often, Mipony is a free application that might help. It monitors the Windows clipboard for copied addresses that correspond to downloadable files and is automatically activated to start downloading. It will also let you process a web page to discover files you can download. Just review the list, select whatever you like, and start downloading.

As you know most of the storage sites use CAPTCHA prompts to make sure a download is requested by a human. Mipony will let you fill this information to proceed with your downloads, even waiting for the time needed before a download is activated.

The program can also function as a password manager for storage sites you may have an account, so that you won’t have to fill the relevant information yourself. And of course it can download files simultaneously from several sites. A built-in scheduler can start and stop the downloads anytime.

Mipony is able to resume downloading if a site supports pausing and resuming, it will let you define download speed and the number of files to download if you need to save bandwidth, and it will let you organize your downloads in categories.

Download Mipony