If Adobe Audition saves VBR mp3 files with wrong time length

Trying to retouch a VBR MP3 file with Adobe Audition I was surprised to see that Audition saved it with wrong time length! The time was 1.54 min long, and in Winamp was reported as being 13 min long, in Windows Explorer as being 3 min long!

Such problems with VBR files are frequent, which is the reason I use a great utility called VbrFix to repair them, however, I wouldn’t expect from a commercial and highly respected program to create itself VBR time length problems.

Until Adobe manages to fix this issue, the only resort that you have is to save a file and then use VbrFix to repair it, which is burdensome — or to Save As your file and choose constant bit rate (CBR) instead of VBR. This way you will increase the size of your file but you will avoid opening a separate program, such as VbrFix to overcome Audition’s ridiculous flaw.

Or perhaps it’s time for us to use something else and say goodbye to Audition!