How to assign a specific letter to a USB drive permanently

If you have playlists or other shortcuts to a drive, they will be broken when Windows happen to change the letter of your removable drive. Yet your external usb drives can have a permanent identity.

If you have a certain number of USB drives that you don’t plug and unplug all the time, changing the ports where they are connected, connecting new drives, etc., just give to each of them a letter through the Windows disk management. Go to Disk Management, locate your USB drives and for each of them, right click on it, select Change Drive Letter and Paths, and select any available letter you wish.

If you are playing with several drives and some of them are not always connected, then after you plug a new drive you may discover that Windows ignored your previous assignments and gave one of your supposedly reserved letters to the new USB drive instead of the one you had previously assigned.

To solve this problem and enjoy a really permanent unchanged assignment of a letter to a certain USB drive, you need the help of this free utility, the USB Drive Letter Manager or USBDLM as is also known.