Synchronize your files, even with pause and resume options, using Synchredible

Synchredible is a convenient and free (for personal use) application that will synchronize your folders. Note that contrary to its sister app BackUp Maker this one won’t zip your files or folders, it will only create or update exact copies.

Besides functions considered as common for synchronization tools (such as different rules for different jobs, filters, direction of syncing, criteria of determining the files that need to be updated, deletion or not of files, scheduling, preview of the results, error log, saving / exporting of settings etc.) note that the program is able to copy or ignore access rights and alternate data streams. Another not that common feature is the option to ignore files changed before a particular date; for instance, you can synchronize only files changed the last week, etc.

Synchredible can even use lists of files that should be checked or ignored in a syncing task, besides general filters, such as extensions, and it will let you use the preview list to refine your job further by excluding files, adding filters, etc. It will also let you perform some other task before or after a job, such running a program, and of course shutting down the PC, etc., even have shortcuts to start a task, pause and resume tasks…

As you can guess, Synchredible is one of the best free programs you can use to synchronize your files and folders, provided you don’t need to zip and encrypt your backup, in which case you can use BackUp Maker by the same author, and other programs.

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