Select text excerpts in your browser and save them as text documents to keep notes

When you research a subject you often need to save some information as notes in separate files, as fast and easily, as possible. The obvious way would be to select the text you are interested in, copy to the Windows clipboard, open your Notepad or any text editor, paste this piece of text, give to your file some name, select the folder you’d like to keep these notes, and save there. Wow! Feeling exhausted already!

A nice solution would be some browser extension that would let you by right clicking save selected text automatically to a default folder or to any folder giving this piece of text automatically a file name. I searched for a browser extension and what I found was inadequate or non working at all. Some extensions wanted you to open an account, etc., so no joy!

Here is the solution that I found and is almost ideal. I would say just ideal, if there was no need for a separate program, but an extension is also a separate program, just “attached” to the browser. Another advantage of my solution is that it works with all browsers or any other program you can select and copy text from, thus you can say finally that it’s the ideal solution!

Get this nice clipboard manager. When you copy some text from your browser or from any other program, just press the shortcut you use to popup this clipboard manager’s list of copied texts and you will see the text you just copied selected. Then press Ctrl+S and the program saves this piece of text as a simple txt file in any folder you like, giving it automatically a name from the first words of the text. Note that this clipboard manager remembers the folder you choose to store your clip, so next time you save a new text it offers this folder as the default save location, thus things become even easier! Enjoy!