MACDll.dll was not found because you need Monkey ( APE ) audio

Medieval CUE splitter or other programs that work with APE files may popup an alert that they could not find MACDll.dll on your system. MACDll.dll is a system file installed with Monkey’s Audio. To make this file available to programs that need it, you have to install Monkey’s Audio.

If you prefer to avoid this, you can download MACDll.dll and copy it to the System32 sub-folder of Windows.

Monkey-Winamp Standalone Package, available on this page, is a zip archive containing MACDll.dll and also Monkey’s plugin for Winamp.

In case that you use Winamp, you can enable APE support without installing Monkey’s Audio, by copying the two files included in this package (in_APE.dll and in_APE.ini) to your Winamp Plugins directory.