Windows Explorer in-folder search results hide the real address of items found

When you search inside a folder and its subfolders from the search box that Windows Explorer provides in its top right corner, the results can be clicked, but the lead to addresses that don’t refer to the actual location of files and folders. All of the items found they are described as if located into the search results folder itself (“Search results in…”).

If there is a folder included in your search results and you open it, you see that its address again is not the real one, but “Search results in…” and then the name of that folder.

Even if you right click on the folder’s name in the Explorer address bar to select the option “copy address”, you won’t get the original address of the folder.

If you need to go to the original location of an item that you found by searching within Windows Explorer you can right click and view its properties or select the “open file / folder location” option.

The later is available only when you are at the root of search results. For example if you have a folder “plato” in the results, and then you click on it and arrive to a folder “phaedo”, this folder won’t give you an “open folder location” option, although it is still presented by the address bar as being inside the “search results”; in this case the only way to find the original address of the folder is by right clicking on it and viewing its properties.

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