Save your files only when you don’t need to work, with Idle Backup

One of the main reasons why we avoid to backup our files, is losing time. Idle Backup can be configured to save your files when the computer is idle (you are away for lunch or whatever).

Unfortunately Idle Backup slows down significantly the Windows boot time if set to auto startup. It needs improvement in that, and also in the interface. It should also be configured to ignore certain applications (user definable) and create backups even if these applications are running.

Features at a glance: Easy to use; Mirror backup; First backup is full, then each backup will copy only changed files (no files are deleted); Manual or Automatic backup (at a set interval time) during idle time of the computer;

In Automatic mode Idlebackup will work invisibly in the background, and only if idle  (no keys,mouse actions detected); Status is visible by icon color in system tray; After a manually started backup, you can select to shutdown Windows; Can copy large files > 2Gb; Backup medium: hard disk / usb-stick / usb-drive or network; making backups from multiple computers to one external storage (USB-harddisk).

Download IdleBackup freeware