PERL Regular Expressions to search and replace all characters between brackets

Here is a regular expression you can use, if you need to perform a search and replace operation in file names. This example works in editors like the Bulk Rename Utility, that will let you form PERL regular expressions, in order to remove a part of several file names included between brackets, a part that is not exactly the same in all those names.

Let’s say you have several files like this one: 08 [Barb Jungr – I Love Paris] Barb Jungr – I Love Paris.wav, and you need to clean the names by removing whatever is included between brackets, in order to get names like this: 08 Barb Jungr – I Love Paris.wav

In the “Match” box of the RegEx section in Bulk Rename Utility paste this expression:

(.+) \[.+\] (.+)

and in the next, the “Replace”, box paste this expression:

\1 \2

This way you will be able to keep the parts of your file names that precede and follow any characters (words, numbers, special characters) included in brackets.