If a folder position returns to the beginning when the wallpaper changes

I’m trying to find, copy, paste, make shortcuts from that folder, and suddenly, when the wallpaper changes, the folder scrolls to its start as if some kind of “reset” had been pressed.

Fortunately, the focus remains on the highlighted subfolder, which is though now invisible and I have to scroll in order to return to the point I was, or, instead, remember to press an arrow to select a subfolder near the one I was working on.

Do not search for a program you installed recently, the problem is there, in the very core of the Windows system.

If you happen to suffer from this illness, you need to make a sacrifice to get rid of it.

Open the Windows Personalization settings and in the Colors section disable the option to “automatically pick an accent color”.

From now on your Start menu will not be able to change colors on the fly according to the colors of the current wallpaper, but your folders will keep their position when the wallpaper changes!