Collect to copy and paste multiple files or folders at once or not, with Piky Basket

Piky Basket is a small and free utility that allows you to select files and/or folders into a virtual basket from different locations, in order to paste them later at once to a folder of your choice. Piky Basket will also let you paste the files selectively to the target folder..

Piky Basket can save a lot of time when your organize your files or copy to removable drives, players, etc.

In Windows Explorer, select the files and folders you wish to copy/move. Right click and choose “Piky Basket – Drop into the Basket”. Keep dropping files and folders this way, and when you finish your collection, go to the target folder where you wish to copy/move the files. Right click on the background of Windows Explorer and choose “Piky Basket – Copy All” or “Piky Basket – Move All”. This will copy/move all the files in the basket to the target folder.

You can selectively copy/move the files by choosing “Piky Basket – Select…”. Piky Basket will also let you copy only the paths of your files or folders to the Clipboard. Piky Basket is now a commercial program. I give here the last freeware version (2.0), which remains functional.

Download Piky Basket last freeware version