Create multiple new folders at once, even with custom names, using New Folder Wizard

New Folder Wizard is a free (for personal use) utility that will let you create automatically tens or thousands of folders based on your rules.

Options include numbering, prefix and suffix text, zero padding, and using a text file as the source for folder names. Using the text file option makes new folder creation as easy as typing. Or, if you use an external program like Microsoft Excel you can create your own naming and incrementing scheme. Simply export your list as a text file and let New Folder Wizard create the folders for you!

Features: No install necessary. Include a prefix and suffix for your directory names. Put anything you want before and/or after your custom numbering. Use a text file for your directory names. Open up your favorite text editor, type in all the directory names you want and use that text file as the source for your new folders.

Pad zero’s automatically or up to 16 digits. Create up to 20,000 new folders at a time. Use custom prefix and/or suffix along with custom folder names coming from a text file. Preview all of your new folders before you commit to creating them. Built-in preview functionality. And more.