Filter traffic and limit bandwidth, with Tmeter

TMeter (Traffic Meter) is a traffic monitoring and Internet sharing tool you can use to measure traffic by IP address, protocol, port, etc. in real-time. Among its functions the program includes a so called Traffic Shaper allowing you to restrict the speed of Internet access for specific users, apps, processes.

Note that the free version lets you only use 4 filters, i.e., if you want to monitor and even limit the bandwidth used by your programs, you can do that for only 4 programs. If you need to monitor and control bandwidth for more programs or apps you need to buy the full version of the program.

TMeter lets you create rules for various monitoring purposes, for single hosts, subnets, as well as specific groups of hosts. You can have real-time presentation of traffic activity via graphical charts. Each filter is represented by a unique color, which allows the webmaster and/or administrator to easily ‘see’ the Internet connection usage of individual users.

Traffic shaper (Speed Control) is a most useful feature for those who don’t have a specialized interest in networking functions, since Windows won’t provide an app able to distribute bandwidth between various one may use, which means that each app tries to get as much bandwith as possible, without having the slightest idea what priorities you would prefer to give. URL Filtering can block web-sites by URL address. You can blacklist sites or make whitelists.

The program cannot be considered easy to use, but if you are careful, noticing all menus and buttons and using also the Help system that is provided, you can understand and use it without problems.

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