Paste a file or folder to several folders at once, with n2ncopy

Windows won’t let you paste a file or folder or a collection of files and folders to several destinations at once. You have to go to each destination and press the paste shortcut. Fortunately, you don’t have also to copy your files each time: you copy once, but you paste several times. You can make this better, save your time and enjoy multi-paste by downloading a small utility called n2ncopy. When you run n2ncopy a little window opens at the right bottom corner of the screen.

Drop from Windows explorer to the left side of this window the files and directories that you want to copy or move.

If you wish to copy or move all the contents of a folder, but not the folder itself (a folder with the same name will NOT be created in the destination), drop that folder to the dark green rectangle. If you wish to copy or move the folder and its contents (a folder with the same name will BE created in the destination) drop it to the upper, lighter, green zone.

Drop to the right side of the program’s window, at the blue area, the target folders, where you want to copy your files or folders to. The program stays allways on top of any other window. When you finish selecting sources and destinations, press the “Copy” button to execute the task. In order to move instead of copying, right click on the program’s window and select the “Move” option. The button too changes to “Move”.