Copy & paste text from your PC to your phone over USB easily

Especially if you prefer to avoid writing SMS when your message already exists on your PC, it would be nice to copy from your PC and paste your text as a new message on your phone, even if you don’t have a WiFi connection, just by using a USB port.

The task is extremely easy. Even if you are not going to save a lot of time, you avoid a lot of boring typing!

Right where your text is on your PC, perhaps on a web site or word processor, etc, copy and save it as a plain text document anywhere you like, on your desktop or wherever.

Connect your phone to a USB port of your PC and go to the downloads folder. Paste there the file that contains your saved text from your PC. Open it with any app that is able to read text files, such as your browser or html viewer. Then copy the text included in the file and paste it on a new SMS!