Find files of multiple extensions in Windows explorer at once

Especially if you use to perform certain searches in Windows Explorer regularly, you may prefer to avoid doing them always one by one!

Explorer provides search of multiple keywords or even multiple extensions in one go, just make sure that you use the right syntax which is just the word OR, but capitalized. Capitalization tells to Explorer that “OR” is not a keyword you are searching for, but a search operator.

Let’s say you need to search a folder and its sub-folders for playlists, log files and cue files. Go to the root folder, press F3 to enter the search box and write this command: ext:.m3u OR ext:.log OR ext:.cue

You can omit the “ext:” delimiter, even the dot the precedes extensions, writing the command above in this extremely simple way: log OR m3u OR cue. Explorer still gives you all files with these extensions, but also files containing these keywords in their names. If you are sure your files are not named like m3u etc., you can use the simple search form and enjoy more!