Browse faster the Windows registry and perform wildcard searches, with RegAlyzer

RegAlyzer is a free utility that will help you browse and edit the registry. The program lets you browse search results while the search is still running, even export to a reg file, or perform wildcard and boolean search.

Features: Hierarchical bookmark support — sort your bookmarks in folders * Jumps — using a command line parameter or pasting the address into the address field * Binary DWord edit — displays (and allows you to edit) DWords in decimal, hexadecimal and binary format;

Support of QWords — MS regedit could edit 64-bit integer values, but could not add new ones * Display of reg files — display the contents of reg files in a tree structure without the need to import them first.

Bookmark management is simple. To jump to a bookmarked registry key, select it from the Bookmarks menu. If you want to add a specific key to your bookmarks, right-click on it in the main windows tree view that displays the registry structure, and select Add to bookmarks…. You’ll be asked for a name for the new bookmark. To manage your bookmarks press Ctrl+B or select Manage bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu.