Organize files moving them to multiple folders at once, with MoveQue

MoveQue is a free tool you can use to organize your files by moving them almost automatically to certain locations. Especially if you download regularly files from several sources or of various types you may have some trouble distributing them to the folders that they belong.

You can always select a file, “cut” it, open a folder, paste it there, then return to the source folder to select another file, etc. MoveQue can help you to avoid unnecessary trouble. It’s not a program anyone needs, but if you face such management problems, MoveQue is one of the best solutions.

The way MoveQue works is simple and efficient, you just define several destinations and single keystrokes representing them. Then you load the folder that contains the files you want to organize. MoveQue presents you a list with the contents of this folder as if you see them in Windows Explorer. Selecting a file in this list and pressing the relevant keystrokes “assigns” this file to a particular destination. When you finish your selections the program moves all selected files at once.

A nice feature that assigned keys are always visible in the program’s interface, you don’t need to remember them by heart. You can even drag and drop files from the source list to their destinations, if you prefer this way. MoveQue is a portable program (no need to install it), download, unzip, run and enjoy!

Download MoveQue