If suddenly the multimedia keys of your microsoft keyboard behave strangely

It may happen, if using a microsoft keyboard with multimedia keys, that sometimes those special keys that you have configured to perform various tasks other than the default ones, along with this configuration remember also their previous self and perform both their default tasks and what you have ordered them to do. Thus, if you have assigned, e.g., the calculator button to your mp3 player, when you press this button you open both the calculator and your mp3 player!

To solve this problem you can log off and then back on Windows, but this would require to close all your open applications, i.e. interrupt your work. A nicer way is to just restart the intellitype software.

To do that, open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc, or right click on the TaskBar) go to the Processes tab and locate the itype.exe entry. Select it and stop it (End Task). Then go to Program Files > Microsoft IntelliType Pro and run the itype.exe. That’s it. Your keys now should behave again as programmed.

Here is a batch file I created that will help you restart the IntelliType software automatically.