Reveal marked index entries in MS Word without displaying all non printing characters

You may like to review a document in MS Word and check if you missed keywords that should become index entries.

If you click the paragraph symbol or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+* Word displays all non-printing characters — such as the paragraph symbol or pilcrow (which contains formatting codes for the preceding paragraph), Tab markers, Spaces (depicted as dots), Non-breaking spaces (depicted as a degree symbol), Line breaks (depicted as a bent left-pointing arrow), Page breaks (depicted as a densely dotted line with the words “Page Break” in the middle), Hidden text, Optional or conditional (“soft”) hyphens (depicted as a hyphen with a short vertical extension at the right side), Non-breaking (“hard”) hyphens (which looks almost exactly like an en dash but is slightly higher up), Object anchors, End-of-cell and end-of row markers in tables, etc.

Displaying all of this information will make your document confusing.

You can reveal only your index entries, by going to Word Options, then Display, then, in the section Always show these formatting marks on the screen check only the Hidden text box.

This way non-printing characters such as those mentioned above will remain invisible, and your index entries will show up. When you finish reviewing your document’s index entries, go again to Word Options and remove the check-mark from the “Hidden text” box.