Create textkeys for textual actions or global hotkeys, with Signo

Signo is a free and powerful hotkey manager providing a large range of built-in functionalities you can leverage to boost your productivity.

Actions supported: Text actions: to copy texts automatically into your current application. * Open actions: automate the opening of files whether on your local drive or on the Internet.  * Launch actions: automate the opening of tools and execution of DOS or Windows commands, including support for parameters. * Ram actions: to minimize the RAM usage of your applications;

Win actions: multiple multi-screen actions such as fast switch and maximize, snap windows to the sides of your screen, tray applications, hide windows or taskbar, etc. * Capture actions: to capture your whole screen, a window or an area you draw on your screen, to save it as an image in a file or your clipboard, or to send it to TFS or an image editor.

Signo allows defining multiple textkeys which are short words, 10 characters or less, that start with a #. When such a word has been typed the tool deletes it and triggers the appropriate action. This is currently supported for Text and Html actions. A similar functionality is used with Auto actions, allowing the definition of a list of words for automatic correction as you type.