Tile and re-position windows easily, with WinSplit Revolution

WinSplit Revolution is a free and small utility that will let you organize open windows by tiling, resizing and positioning them to make the best use of your desktop space. WinSplit saves you from having to drag and drop windows by allowing you to snap windows into specific positions using simple keyboard hotkeys. Some of its functions are available even better by the OS itself, but you may like to play with the rest.

To affect a window you can use a pop-up virtual numpad or hotkeys on your keyboard, which are by default: Ctrl+Alt+numpad. The window’s positioning respects the numeric keypad scheme. Typically: “Ctrl + Alt + 1” corresponds to “bottom-left”.

Features: Automated window handling (resize, move, reorganize, close tasks) * Shape – process association * Global hotkeys and clickable virtual numpad * Automatic startup;

Moving a window with the mouse (drag’n’go) * Hotkey customize * Layout configure * Fusion between 2 windows * Minimize/Restore by hotkey * Mosaic mode.