Right click to resize your photos, with Image Resizer PowerToy Clone

You can always use a photo editor to open and resize images even in batch mode, but this involves time and work you may like to avoid.

Personally I find more convenient to right click one or more images to resize them immediately, unless I need more complex editing, such as adding a watermark.

Image Resizer PowerToy Clone is a free utility that imitates the Microsoft Right Click Image Resizer PowerToy. It lets you do just that, to resize one or more image files by just selecting them and right-clicking on them. Fill mode scales and crops images to the specified dimensions.

The program will let you make pictures smaller but not larger, if you prefer so, even specifying only one dimension. By default JPG quality reflects the quality of the original, which you can replace or keep and use a different name pattern for resized images. If you delete the original images, you can place them in the Recycle Bin.

Image Resizer is simple, light and free. If you happen to resize images frequently you are going to appreciate it a lot. Note also that Microsoft has introduced an Image Resizer in the new PowerToys for Windows 10.