Rate your PC easily with Windows 10 Experience Index Tool

Windows 7 included a nice app that would let you rate your PC. Of course you can find several tools to test your configuration, more detailed at that, but it was nice to have this official benchmark utility, which was so simple and fast.

Windows removed the Experience Index in later versions, although the app that measures a PC is still there! It is called WinSAT (Windows System Assessment Tool) and it can rate your CPU, Graphics, Memory, Game Graphics and Main Disk.

You can use WinSAT from the command prompt, or download this free and portable utility that provides a graphical interface similar to the original Windows Experience Index. When you open it for the first time, it will just give you the scores of the last time you used WinSAT; if these scores are dated, just click the “Re-run the assessment” link to update the score of your PC. You should do that especially if you changed a critical component such as your CPU, System Disk or Graphics Card.

As you may remember, the overall score reflects the lower score included in the tests set. For instance, if your video card is the weaker part of your PC, the overall score reflects the rate of your video card, no matter how powerful the rest of your components may be.

Download WEI Tool