A brief and concise guide for Windows 10, to find your way in the OS easily

A lot of people are familiar with Windows 10 since they come from Windows 7 and 8, where so many functions are similar or identical. However, if you are coming from other operating systems, or if you just don’t feel confident enough with Windows 10 yet, this nice tutorial can be of great help.

Windows 10 Quick Start Guide is a (really less than) 30 pages PDF document by Microsoft, elegant, professional, full of pictures and brief explanations about everything you need to know to handle Windows to a degree that further learning would follow as easily as you breath. Of course you can print it, if you prefer, but the digital version is full of links that let you jump immediately anywhere you like.

Contents: Understanding your desktop (Take a tour of the Windows 10 desktop. Learn how to be more productive using the Windows Start menu, Taskbar and Action center.) Setup and personalization (Make it yours! Windows 10 is all about you, from personalized backgrounds to custom language choices. Create a Microsoft account to unlock the full Microsoft universe of features.) Apps and programs (Now that you’ve made yourself at home, it’s time to take Windows 10 to the next level: adding apps. Whether you want to tackle more tasks around the house or at work, or have fun playing games, it’s all here.) Tips and tricks (Do more with Windows 10! Our tips and tricks will get you off and running in no time.)

Security, privacy and scam protection (Your security and privacy mean a lot to us. Windows 10 features a full security dashboard, with personal privacy settings and our most advanced safety measures yet.) Accessibility (Microsoft’s accessibility features make tasks easier for users with a disability. Enlarge screen text to make it easier to read and change narration and dictation settings.) Windows updates and upgrades (Windows 10 provides regular updates to keep your device secure and bring new features to you. Windows 7 users can find resources to transition to Windows 10.) Additional resources (We’re here to help you make the most of Windows 10 from Day 1 to Day 101—and beyond! Get to know these resources. They’ll help as you continue in your Windows journey.)

Download Windows 10 Quick Start Guide