Change the default Windows 10 system font easily

If you are tired of Segoe, why wouldn’t you try some other font for a while? It is easy, and it is reversible!

In the download here featured, you will find a font that resembles Ancient Greek inscriptions! It is clean, easy to read, pleasant and original, something you are not used to. Your system will look like a sculpture!

First install the font (right click on it and select the “Install” option). Then run the Time2Change.reg file, and restart Windows. If you are not satisfied with this font change, run the RestoreSegoe.reg file, and restart Windows again to return to Segoe.

Note that you can open the “Time2Change” file in your Notepad and change the bottom line to use a different font than the font here included. Just make sure it contains all the necessary characters.


Download TheFreeWindows System Font