If MS Word cannot find double paragraphs with ^p^p

I was trying to replace consecutive paragraphs in Word using the expression ^p^p. Each ^p finds a paragraph, but in this particular document that I had downloaded, Word was able to locate with a ^p only the first paragraph of a pair, although both paragraphs were marked as just normal paragraphs with the paragraph mark displayed when you reveal hidden typographical elements of Word.

I tried to add in the Find dialogue other Word expressions such as that for tabs. Nothing worked.

As I found out researching at Microsoft, you can find paragraphs in Word not only using ^p, but also ^13. Now this surprised me! What would the difference between the two be, since both of them represent paragraphs? Unfortunately Microsoft decided to keep this as a secret, but at least now we know what we can do.

If ^p won’t work for you in a particular Word document, you don’t need to find or write some complex macro, just try ^13. In similar cases, whenever Word seems unable to perform a rather common search, think about this expression you may not know of and do some research to discover it!