Select easily different search engines to use in Chrome

Sometimes you may need to search without using your default search engine. It’s not obvious how to do that in Chrome, but it’s easy. First go to Chrome’s Settings (they can be reached by pressing those little dots at the far right of Chrome’s toolbar.

Then go to the “Search engine” section > “Manage search engines”. Here you see several engines you can use to perform a search. If you don’t see the engine you’d like to use, you can add it yourself by writting its query url, its name, and a keyword. The “keyword” field is what you will be using in Chrome’s address bar whenever you need to activate the particular engine.

For example, if you have the Bing search engine among the engines listed in Chrome’s settings, you can define as keyword just the letter “b”. Then in Chrome’s address bar you can write “b” and press the spacebar to activate Bing instead of Google for your current search.