If Winamp Toaster displays garbage or double entries

Winamp Toaster is a great plugin, the best of its kind — and I’ve tried almost all notification Winamp plugins. Toaster is not updated for a long time and it seems a miracle that it still works as expected, except for a minor problem that may appear.

If you happen to see garbage along with normal audio information, such as a lot of question marks or the same information two times, etc, do not bother to re-install the plugin or Winamp.

Open the configuration section of Toaster (Winamp Preferences > Plugins > General) and in the Formatting tab you will see the code Toaster uses to display track information.

There exist two columns with boxes, normally with code at the left, and blank at the right. These blank boxes are the cause of the problem. Write something discreet in each of them, such as a dot (empty space won’t do the trick), press OK, and enjoy!