Make your mouse glide again happily!

It is not impossible even for expensive mice, to have their feet damaged in the course of time, so that moving them becomes difficult, the mouse seems to have tripled its weight, and cleaning can do nothing to help.

You can have ready-made pad replacements that will fit exactly to you mouse model – or generic ones, that you will place above the current feet of your mouse. Such mice feet – steel (sk gaming) padsurfers, corepad, hyperglides, etc – I think is the best option, and they are not expensive. I know of a person who bought 3 or 4 times the Logitech MX 1000 mouse, changing it when its feet were damaged, after hours of playing games – just because he didn’t know that he could place new feet to his favorite mouse for just about $ 4 (usually offered in a pack of 2 sets for about $ 8).

If you don’t want to spend even $ 4, or if you like to experiment a little, before you start searching for replacements, you can try this solution. Cut four small pieces of metal adhesive tape (the non-adhesive side of the tape is metal), and place each of these pieces upon the mouse pads. Your mouse will fly!

As you can guess, such mouse feet change easily whenever you need to, and the whole procedure is faster than cleaning! But, of course, you wouldn’t be reading this, if cleaning was of any help.

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