Fix BitTorrent Access Denied or System Cannot Find The Path Specified errors

A great client, BitTorrent however may come up sometimes with these errors, whether “access denied” or “System Cannot Find The Path Specified”.

The strange with these errors is that they appear for files you may have been downloading even for several days without a problem! Why, suddenly, the system cannot find the path or access is denied?

It is easy to solve this problem, even if you don’t know its cause, if it comes after a change you made in system settings, or anything.

The first and easier solution you should try is to close BitTorrent and restart it “as administrator”. Instead of just opening as usual, right click on its Start Menu shortcut and select the option “Run as administrator”. Every time I did this, my torrent continued to be downloaded without any problem at all.

The second solution is to check the share and write permissions of the folder that is the destination of your downloads.

The third solution is to check if your antivirus application blocks BitTorrent or the downloads destination folder.

Even if the first and easiest solution works, you may like to check also the rest when you have time, just to make sure you won’t face problems with other programs or functions in the future.