Activate your missing Blogroll with the WordPress Link Manager plugin

If you miss a Links section in your WordPress blog, first of all you should know that there isn’t any problem with your installation or theme: WordPress just removed this section, keeping it only for users that happened to actually have a blogroll. If you’ve never had a blogroll, then newer WordPress versions just ignored this section!

What can you do if now you need to add links to your blog, even importing them using the Blogroll importer from the Tools menu and an OPML file?

You can download the Blogroll Links plugin, that will activate your links section and it will even give you the option to present your links in a dropdown list at a widget area.

Another way to get back your links section would be to download from this page the Link Manager plugin, which, however, is not updated for a long time. After you download the file on your PC, go to the Add New Plugin section of your Admin pages and select to upload a plugin. Locate the downloaded plugin on your PC and upload it, then activate it. After activation you don’t need to do anything else, a Links section should have appeared in your Admin pages. You can use this section to add links and link categories in your blog and of course you can now import your links from some other WordPress installation using the Blogroll importer from the admin Tools menu. Enjoy!

Download Link Manager plugin