Microsoft Word bookmarks

To add Word bookmarks in a document to return to certain pages, if you like to check and revise your text, just click where you want a new bookmark. Then go to Links > Insert > Bookmark. Under Bookmark name, give a name that helps you to remember why you added this bookmark, such as a topic, etc., and click Add.

Note that a bookmark name cannot have spaces. For instance, naming your bookmark “MS Win” won’t work, you should choose a form like MSWin, as a single word. Word surrounds the bookmarked item with square brackets. When you need to change this item, just edit the text or images inside these brackets and you won’t lose your bookmark. You may also cut, copy, and paste whole items that are marked with a bookmark.

To go to a particular bookmark’s location rapidly: at the Insert tab, in the Links group, click “Bookmark” and select either Name or Location to sort your list of bookmarks. Click where you want to go to, and press the Go To button.

To delete a bookmark: go to Insert > Links, and click “Bookmark”. Select its name and click Delete. You can also find the Insert Bookmark command with Word’s Command Search or “Tell me…” To delete both a bookmark and the bookmarked item (such as a block of text or any other element), delete the whole item.

You need to make sure you delete only bookmarks that you don’t need anymore and of course not Word’s hidden bookmarks. To display bookmark brackets and identify all your bookmarked locations when you browse your document, go to Options > Advanced, and at the Show document content find and select the Show bookmarks check box.