Convert WordPress XML to Word and PDF documents, with WordPress2Doc

WordPress2Doc is a free and efficient program that will let you convert WordPress posts to Word (docx) or PDF documents. The program works with WordPress XML exports. To convert your posts you have to first export them from the WordPress’ backend (“Tools-> Export”).

The interface is pleasant, and its use simple. Click WordPress2Doc to “Load WordPress export.xml”. On the “Choose items” tab you can choose if all or just a selection of your articles should be converted (“Select all” or “Deselect all” and check one by one).

You can open a preview on any item if you don’t know if you like to convert it. However, the easiest way perhaps would be to just convert them all and then manually delete whatever you don’t need, since the program is very fast and converting more than what you need won’t need a lot of time.

If for any reason you’d like to have your posts as Word or PDF documents, this is a reliable program you will definitely appreciate.

Download WordPress2Doc