Microsoft Surface phone or Duo, a welcome creative move most of us expected

For those wondering if there was any real reason why a new Microsoft phone was necessary, let me say that Microsoft had to develop a phone, and it seems that finally the company realized it. Recall what Panos Panay said regarding the Microsoft Surface family of products, “if this was a symphony, it’d be missing one instrument”. I believe anyone following the work of Microsoft had at least a feeling that the failure of Windows Phone was not something secondary to be forgotten without a problem. Microsoft needed a phone. Why that? Don’t we already have so many phones in an over-saturated market? What can the benefits be of a new Microsoft phone?

Technology is about innovation. We create not only what we need, but even what we think that we need or what perhaps sometime we will need, we experiment, we try, we like to just know and discover, and a leading innovative company like Microsoft could not be absent from a sector that is so related with computing as smartphones.

Microsoft may discover new ways of making a phone in terms of hardware, but this is not the crucial element. Microsoft is always above everything else a software company. By returning to the phone sector, Microsoft will be contributing even more to the Android applications, and it might even create an Android version that will come close to Windows, it will even unify to some degree the two systems, which in itself would be a complete revolution.

This reason alone I believe is already enough for the new Microsoft phone to be welcome. I wish it succeeds, because it can contribute a lot to the progress of Microsoft itself and the whole computing and smartphone technology.