Replace the Windows Start Menu, with Start Menu Reviver

Start Menu Reviver is a free and reliable program that lets you replace the Windows Start Menu. I’m always open to new ways of getting things done and this program tries to offer an interesting alternative.

Start Menu Reviver was created as an answer to the Windows 8 Start Screen and is less needed now that Windows 10 brought back the Start Menu, however, it still introduces some differences you may like, such as more emphasis to files and folders instead of programs, and more customizable tiles.

A major complain is its failure (assuming the author tried to do otherwise) to agree aesthetically with the Windows Taskbar. As it is now, Start Menu Reviver is a foreign body on top of the taskbar.

Beyond aesthetics, I must also say that I didn’t find any impact on productivity. Native Windows Start Menu and Taskbar are already powerful. Since the program is free and well made, you have nothing to lose if you get it and see if your life becomes better with it.

Download Start Menu Reviver