Manage any or all browser tabs at once, with Multiple Tab Handler

Multiple Tab Handler is a free, powerful and safe extension for Firefox, adding to the tabs context menu several commands; these can be performed to a single tab, to a group of selected tabs, or to all tabs simultaneously.

Multiple Tab Handler lets you select any tabs you like to perform an action on all of them, bookmar them, reload them, close all or save all of them.

A special function of Multiple Tab Handler is find duplicate tabs and close them. It can search for duplicate tabs according to the full URL or just the host. Another nice feature is batch copy of web page titles and addresses. This information then can be saved to a file or just stay on the clipboard to be pasted wherever you like.

Multiple Tab Handler is a reliable extension providing functionality that can become addictive. Since it is free, you have nothing to lose to add it to Firefox and judge by yourself if it makes your life easier.

Install Multiple Tab Handler