VLC Hotkeys to make subtitles appear faster or slower (add or remove delay)

Subtitles may appear too late sometimes, or too early, so that you need to adjust them, synchronize them with the people speaking in the movie. VLC is a program that will help you do that easily; in fact, I have not found any other program so easy to use when it comes to subtitles synchronization. I’m not speaking about permanent synchronization, when you prepare a video to be burned to a DVD, etc, but when you are watching a movie and you need a quick solution to adjust the subtitles instantly and keep enjoying your movie.

Here is the two magical hotkeys VLC offers to let you synchronize the subtitles easily: a simple G and a simple H. Pressing just the G key you remove delay, make subtitles appear earlier; pressing the H key you make the subtitles appear later, you add delay. If in a movie the actors speak and after a while the relevant subtitles appear, press the G key (remove delay) until you synchronize them. If the subtitles of a scene appear before the actors speak, then press the H key (add delay) to synchronize them.

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* Don’t miss VLC Untied, a free program that lets you select one or more files or folders in Windows Explorer and load them to VLC media player instantly using a keyboard shortcut, even removing completely any files that may be already loaded and playing.


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  1. Francis says:

    thank you very much !!!!!

  2. wassemTakashi says:

    thaaaanks,i was going to be insane because of the slow subtitles :D

  3. wawandck says:

    Thank you, I need this information.