Use keyboard arrows to scroll the page of Google images instead of selecting an image

I never liked this Google Images feature, that the up and down keyboard arrows won’t scroll the page as usual but they select an image. This feature is annoying especially when I have used page down or the mouse wheel, having reached the middle of the page; pressing now the arrow would bring me back to the top of the page selecting the first image! Besides this, if you scroll the page with page down or the mouse wheel, some images at the top or at the bottom of the window can be visible only partially; using then the arrow to bring all of the image to light, would bring you again to the top of the page, because instead of scrolling the page a little, it selects the first image of the page! Wow!

Google Images stopped being such a pain when I started using this Chrome extension that disables the horrible features and brings back the functionality of Google images as it was before August 2019. Except for the scrolling behavior (after you install this extension the arrows again scroll the page instead of selecting images) the extension disables also this other annoying (to me) feature, the bar that opens at the right when you click an image, stealing focus from the main page. When this bar opens, you cannot scroll at all the page, even with the page down key, but you have to scroll the bar itself to browse the images it contains, before you are allowed to scroll the main page!

I am really grateful for this nice extension, and frightened by the author’s warning that future changes in Google code may brake it. Of course code changes can be welcome, but what if those dreadful features are not removed (at least becoming optional, in the settings) and we lose again the precious page scrolling with the arrows and are forced again to open this useless bar at the right whenever we click an image?

Let’s hope the author of the extension keeps it updated, because I can’t imagine myself using Google images without it. Of course you can use this (as any) Chrome extension with the new Edge browser too.

Download Google Images Restored