Secure your files on Google Drive or share them, with Google Backup and Sync

Google Backup and Sync is a free and convenient program made by Google to support Google Drive on Windows computers. Google Backup and Sync will let you copy and automatically keep updated on the cloud any of your PC folders. This way you can feel safer that significant files of yours won’t be lost, and of course you can edit files while you are on a different PC.

The program is simple and easy to use, provided you understand the difference between your local Google Drive and the On Line version. Local Google Drive does not reflect but only a portion of your on line Google Drive, if you decided to also backup PC folders that are not included in your local Google Drive. On your on line Google Drive notice the difference between these two sections: Google Drive and My Computer.

This is a great feature of Google Drive, it lets you synchronize not only folders from your local Google Drive but also any other folder of your PC. You don’t need to put a file or folder in your local Google Drive in order to save it to the cloud!

The storage limit of your Google Drive depends also to the space you use for your Gmail account, therefore do not be surprised, if you see that you use more space than what is required by files you backup on the cloud. The additional space is occupied by your mail.

Download Google Backup and Sync