eMule: how to find the right files and avoid fakes and spam

If you encounter search results with very high availability (100 or even 400 or more users have these files) and all of them 100% complete, you can be sure these are spam files.

A way of getting more relevant results is using the search filters that are located at the right side of the search box. Use the Max/Min size filter to limit the filesize of the file you are looking for (since a single song can’t be more then 50MB and a full length movie can’t be less the 500MB).

Always check the length and bitrate with music and video files. Absense of these fields for mp3’s and avi’s is a good warning that the file might be fake. However if the number of complete sources is very few it might happen that this information has not been processed yet. It is a guess work but there is usually in the search results a file that appears less fake than the others.

When you download a file you usually have an approximate knowledge about the actual playing time. By looking for this in the search window you can guess that an mp3 of a single song that is e.g., 15 minutes is probably fake, as well as a movie that is 5 minutes long.

An mp3 file is normaly 128 kbit/s or greater and a divx (avi) is greater than 1000 kbit/s. If the file you are going to download is not, you can be quite sure it’s either fake or of extremely poor quality.

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