Develop AI systems, after Euler paths and semantic web layers, with EYE reasoner

EYE (EulerSharp) is a free reasoning system that helps you to work on artificial intelligence and supports Euler paths. CTurtle, SWI-Prolog and cURL, must be present along with EYE installer before you begin the installation.

EYE is a theorem prover. Users set a goal, and EYE tries to reach it by applying logical rules working backward from the goal. To evade endless loops, the algorithm avoids needlessly repeating previous work through Euler path detection, similar to Leonhard Euler’s Koenigsberg bridge problem.

A key characteristic of EYE’s architecture is portability, because interoperability is crucial to the Semantic Web. EYE components are interchangeable.

In particular, EYE has several active applications in the medical sector. One example is the SALUS (Scalable, Standard Based Interoperability Framework for Sustainable Proactive Post Market Safety Studies) project, for which Agfa Healthcare is developing a semantic interoperability service for postmarket drug safety studies. Different data sources each employ different ontologies, and EYE lets users transform queries and data to and from CREAM (Clinical Research Entities Patterns: Advanced Model). This works through rules for mapping each ontology to CREAM. The Paris public hospital system is employing EYE for similar use cases

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