Enjoy real time preview of markdown code and context menu code insertion, with Typora

Typora is an interesting application that unifies the traditional way of writing code and switching to preview, or writing in a rich text editor to switch to code view whenever you want. You just write your code and is immediately transformed into real life looks. It is like switching to preview mode immediately after you finish a code statement.

For example, if you write *something*, the asterisks immediately disappear and remain hidden, while you see your text being italicized!

This is a fresh and original approach that can be extremely convenient, in case of course that you prefer to use markdown code when you write, instead of a rich text editor that would let you later on view and copy or export the code.

A context menu can help you to add images, lines, footnotes, math blocks, tables, table of contents, code fences, etc., if you prefer to avoid typing the necessary code.

Typora exports as PDF, HTML, Word, OpenOffice, Epub, LaTex and Wiki formats, and it includes skins. The interface is clean and pleasant.

Download Typora 64bit or 32bit